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Reading Games
Featured this Week:

Reading Games
Unit 1





Unit 2





Dictionaries and Thesauruses
  Dictionary and Thesaurus Activities Dictionary and Thesaurus Activities

First, you have to get all of those marching ants in the correct formation. Then, you have to throw poor Popper onto the right words. Be careful to throw him just the right amount! You don’t want to hurt him!
  Trapped! Deduction Trapped! Deduction

You are trapped! You can escape if you can figure out what the story really means, though. You have to herd the crates. You don’t click on them. You try to push them into the right spot, but they kind of have a mind of their own... Cool, huh?
  Arthur's Story Scramble

Put the stories in order, and then click "Read It!" If you put the story in the right order, you will hear applause. :)
  Synonym Golf Synonym Golf

Use this game to practice recognizing synonyms. Be careful! If you don't choose the correct word, you may accidentally hurt an alien. Remember, synonyms are words that mean almost the same thing.