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Spelling Games by Story
Click the book cover of the reading story of the week to go to that story's spelling games!
You will see two lists. You can play any of the games and activities under the green title that looks like:
You can play a game, use a practice activity, or even take a practice test! My favorite is a game called HangMouse. Don't wake the kitty!
Unit 1
         Because of Winn Dixie Spelling Games    Lewis and Clark and Me Spelling Games    Grandfather's Journey Spelling Games 
   The Horned Toad Prince Spelling Games    Letters Home from Yosemite Spelling Games    Unit 1 Review Spelling Games
Unit 2
  What Jo Did Spelling Games    Coyote School News Spelling Games    Grace and the Time Machine Spelling Games
  Marven and the Great North Woods Spelling Games    So You Want to Be the President Spelling Games    Unit 2 Review Week Spelling Games
Unit 3
  The Stranger Spelling Games    Adelina's Whales Spelling Games    How Night Came From the Sea Spelling Games
  Eye of the Storm Spelling Games    The Great Kapok Tree Spelling Games    Unit 3 Review Spelling Games
Unit 4
  The Houdini Box Spelling Games    Encantado Spelling Games    The King and the Kitchen Spelling Games
Seeker of Knowledge Spelling Games    Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Slippery Salamander Spelling Games    Unit 4 Review Spelling Games
Unit 5
  Sailing Home Spelling Games    Lost City Spelling Games    Amelia and Eleanor Go for a Ride Spelling Games
  Antarctic Journal Spelling Games    Moonwalk Spelling Games    Unit 5 Review Spelling Games
Unit 6
  My Brother Martin Spelling Games    Jim Thorpe's Bright Path Spelling Games    How Tia Lola Came to Stay
  To Fly: The Story of the Wright Brothers Spelling Games    The Man Who Went to the Far Side of the Moon Spelling Games    Unit 6 Review Spelling Games
Grammar Games
  Punctuation Paintball Punctuation Paintball

Splat punctuation and capitalization paintballs in the correct places in the sentences, and you get to splat aliens! Click the “Start the Activity” button to start.
  Penguins on Ice: Punctuation Penguins on Ice: Punctuation

Select "Which Mark?" when the page loads! :)
  Alien Punctuation Alien Punctuation

Help Max and Molly help the aliens by correcting the aliens' capitalization and punctuation. Try the "Medium" and "Hard" levels. You may not be quite ready for the "Really Hard" level because we haven't learned about quotation marks yet. Have fun! The aliens are very nice, and they have great manners. :)